Pricing - What does it cost?

  • Guestbooc app is free to start using right away.

  • Also one time in-app purchases enables more features and functions, and also subscriptions that gives you more features and functions - read below about them

One time payments - unlock more guests



  • When you reach a certain amount of guests, you need to pay for beeing able to view the pictures in your guestbooc.

  • Guest counter is visible in top right of you guestbooc (picture)

  • The amount of posts are counted and is free, only the amount of users are counted as a guest and needs to be unlocked.





Subscription - reoccurring (monthly payment)


Subsription is €0.99 or €17.99 yearly
With subscription you get more settings for all your guestboocs!
AND you can own more than three (3) guetboocs!